‘Erap and Trillanes’ envy to Honasan

Posted on April 24, 2007


                                 It has reported that Gringo Honasan has temporarily released to work for his candidacy by paying his bail 200,000 pesos as imposed by the Regional Trial Court. Honasan was captured because of the alleged mutiny against the government. Some say that his candidacy would be his exit way to free himself and pursue his plans. 

       Now, here comes the supporters of Erap and Trillanes who are shouting to free them also temporarily to help their camps in the election. So,probably they are in the move to find a way to get rid of being jailed (I would say ‘Elite Jail’)

     Points: Trillanes will be soon treated as Honasan since they have similar cases. But, Erap I don’t think so! Straight to the point (Kapal ng mukha nya!) Everytime his political ad is aired saying “Panahon na para itigil ang korapsyun” He might insane! Or he just think that people have forgotten his sin during his impeachment days because of CORRUPTION! Now, he is confident to face the world throwing his corrupt image to the present administration. Shame on him!

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