‘COMELEC’ the most coward agency!

Posted on May 4, 2007


Vote buying. Improper posting.

These two violations are the most applicable in today’s election.Vote buying?Yes, how is the lechon and tilapia in Metro Manila? The insurance of Pacman and De Venecia?The Raul Gonzales 10,000 offer to the brgy.captains?The rice feeding in Mati, Davao Or? The secret payment of voters in highlands?Oh! How is that COMELEC? It seems that this agency is sleeping or we may say this agency is luxurios enough because of the underground support from the people who are in power. This is the point, let us assume this agency is free from any political ‘modos’.Why are these blatant issues are still going on?Answer?Because they are COWARD!God Bless!

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