The Philippine sickness

Posted on June 23, 2007



This is what I observed after I weighed things up about the unending problem that this poor country is facing.

War!Revolutionary Taxes!Abduction!Dehumanizing! These elements are the factors that make Philippines Philippine. There is no more Land of Promise but the Land of Terrorists. We can no longer tell this as Pearl of the Orient but Pain of the Orient. The economic is progressing as the President of the Rebuplic boasts her achievements. I still don’t believe on that!The palace keeps on shouting that we are improving but then we don’t feel the change. Thus, sometimes I cannot blame people who became rebelious due to the fact that the government is using different masks to market their lies!Poor citizens of course always be the victim of these injustice act of the leaders. Singapore,for instance, which land area is just equivalent to Manila. Question, which is more progressive Singapore or this country that is known as ‘Basin of Wealth’?Its Singapore!It is a big slap to the Philippine government. Shame on you!We have to do something now!A Big Change please…

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