“BABOI” this what Arabians are!

Posted on August 15, 2007


Now that the Philippine Embassy is moving on their plans to capture the Arabian who took video while raping the young Filipino lady named “Meliza”, after this, would they continue to search other the domestic helpers who are suffering the same cases? I don’t think so.

Saudi Arabia is the favorite part of the world of these filipinos who would like to be helpers of their land. And of course it is a privileged to the middle east government that filipinos are helping them pointing to the fact that they are lazy enough! But when the reports about Meliza case boomed to Phil, I was really saying “MGA BABOY KAYO!” They treat the filipinas as a releasing drum of their lust. Shame on you! The video shows how pity the worker is, she could not even resist for the abusive and lunatic arabian forcibly ragidly fucks her. How pity! the girl would probably think for her family while Satan is raping her. If she resisted something might happen to her. They are really BABOI. <Ok not all>.

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