ERAP is guilty:Muntinlupa or Tanay Mansion

Posted on September 13, 2007


     Sept 12 is the day equivalent to the 6 years of studying ERAP’s case and six years of treating him as still-special person. And that day, he was proven guilty in plunder case. That’s how slow our justice is! Very slow! Because ERAP is a millionaire person. If he is an ordinary devil, sureness, he will be judged without any ‘pasikot’. That is how the Phil. justice works! Very imbalance.

ERAP was guilty with the Jueting Protection and the BW scam but where is he now?At the TANAY rest house. Why did Sandigan Bayan allow such? We are not convicting but we are taking care of devils. Evils like ERAP must sacrifice as consequence to the billion worth of corrupted amount.Hundreds of filipinos are dying from poverty but the government is still feeding the cause of this poverty! Muntinlupa is not enough for this fat-dull president “Bartolina” will do! Look around us, beggars, taong grasa, street children etc are increasing. How pity! Monster like ERAP must not be treated as how powerful he is. JUCTICE must be imposed to him as how these usual criminals are convicted. Reclusion Perpetua?(in Muntinlupa or in TANAY?) We prefer LETHAL INJECTION!

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