ERAP’s Pardon: Excuse of GMA

Posted on October 26, 2007


Now I believe that there is no such opposition and administration. These people are just playing the masses. The opposition is always cleaning their hands to get the people’s sympathy. Their independence from the admin made me to believe that they are right in some ways. But now, bleeee they are plastics! Ever since I don’t like Erap even there are people who are seemingly blind even the truth is clear that Erap is a sucker! Now, GMA has extended her arm to help ERAP. Is it because she wanted reconciliation or she just wanted to divert people’s attention to this fucking executive clemency as escape to ZTE Broadband deal scandal and the “suhol” to the congressmen issue. Now, the media are focusing to Erap’s disappointing release. The JUSTICE is really dying. If GMA is really concern to the people why did she let a monster to consume again filipinos wealth?ERAP and GMA are two chicken shits! GMA gave the pardon for her sake and ERAP asked and accepted it for his sake.(Gagamitin pa ang ina para kaawaan eh mamatay na yan kasabay ng pagpanaw ng hustisya sa bansa) . Quoted from Akbayan, the pardon is a disrespect of the spirit that bundled the EDSA 1 and 2. Hahai wala na talaga ang Pilipinas Sa bagay, sino naman ang magtutulungan syempre and magnanakaw sa kapwa magnanakaw. Nagkabitak bitak na ang lahat. Nag susulputan na ang mga totoong kulay ng mga leader natin!Putang ina talaga! Ngayon pagpapala na lng sa langit ang aking pag-asa.