Dirty Hands!

Posted on February 21, 2008


The oath has nothing to do now! It becomes an exercise for formality before interrogating monsters. This isn’t enough to clean people whose souls are dirtier than shits! Star witness Lozada is a saving voice but could have been a monster too who roars for power and MONEY. It was just so happened that the kickback was too high. If it was below 5B, he could have been one of these criminals oath taking. You cannot blame rebels, terrorists and crime rates become problems of the country because even leaders are terrorists killing the nation slowly while their pockets are full. COMELEC, CHED and Malacañang are one of the foundations of a strong nation, but what they did, was just unpinning the consciousness of even the simple filipino and think how to kill these monsters with dirty hands! The “luckiest bitch” Arroyo had been crucified in the eyes of many but she became steel and hard. The more the people of the Philippines attempt to oust her the more she becomes powerful. The country is in ‘dirty hand’. It is the time to wash this mess out! Within me, GMA is a dead monster. To some of anti-GMA, she is also dead. All of us wanted to oust her, to kill her and drag her face to kiss our ass but the question remains unanswered. Who do you think is capable to replace her position with clean heart and with pure dedication? De Castro? NEVER! VILLAR? A secret corrupt, DAMN! No one…

Since they are all having dirty hands, the rebels will continue to be dirty too just to achieve  our goals—PEACE on EARTH.

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