Duterte vs Parago?

Posted on March 10, 2009




The friendship ends. The peace negotiation would probably turn to trash. The death of Kumander Parago’s daughter, Rebelyn Pitao would be calling for change. Not for peace but for more bloody NPA attacks.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte stated on  his local show aired on ABS-CBN (Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa) that he promised to solve the problem by giving justice to Parago’s daughter after his wife, Evangeline Pitao blamed the Arm Forces of the Philippines of the said killing. NPA forces also blamed the military even the AFP denied their involvement.

rebelynRebelyn Pitao, daughter of a high-ranking commander of the New People’s Army in Southern Mindanao, was abducted along her way home 6:30 am, March 6,2009. Twenty Four hours after, her body found floating in an irrigation canal in Carmen Davao del Norte with an object inserted to her private parts.

Mayor spoke for justice to it and told NPA to not think that it was AFPs act of vengeance. However, by principle, NPA continue blames the civil government behind the case.

For now, everything is uncertain. For this writer, everyone must be cautious for we do not know how will this end. Through war? Or, another life would be sacrificed again. The people Davao are trusting Mayor to solve it as soon as possible before the group of Parago strike. (Parago picture courtesy of davaotoday.com)