AGRAbyado – The Ampatuan Massacre case

Posted on April 22, 2010


DOJ Secretary Alberto Agra look at the eyes of the victim shown above!  The world cried after the massacre happened. Many lives were sacrificed not only the 57 victims but also those brave  witnesses. Once again, the Philippines experienced injustice after acquitting ARMM Governor Zaldy Ampatuan and Vice Mayor Tato. Yes, there is a due process. Our political system of government is equipped enough to cater that “DUE PROCESS’ thing. The only problem is “the one” in position. Given. Thats normal to us now. Injustice! Here comes Secretary Agrabyado, whose soul belongs to the Ampatuans. How could he manage such conscience? How could he dare to sell the true essence of justice to the hands of evils? 57 lives were killed like pigs. Women were raped infront of their dying husbands.Very inhuman! Just like that?  People of the Philippines, let us be one. Let us help one another to call action for justice! Let us help our country even in a simple way of condemning the killers! Let us vote for leaders who can protect the rights of the people to live safely and freely. Let us put leaders who can destroy co-leaders that are corrupt and  murderer! Please!

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