Tagum City at its best!

Posted on February 14, 2011


This is the newest Tagum’s Municipal Hall. It was my first glance to what has been always said that Tagum has rose up. With the images I have captured not just through the lens of my cam, but also thru the retina of my eyes, I could say, Tagum to date is far better than Davao. Sad to say but for me it is.

Tagum City Hall

Together with the Orchard Road Staff, I was invited by its Vice Pres. to go with them not just to look over of my company’s booth but also to witness how Tagum opened their annual international event “Musikahan sa Tagum“. The “shell-like” inspired stage awed me and pointed me to a question ” Why Davao City cannot do this?”. I left myself unanswered and proceed to explore the gigantic unfinished city hall.

Mayor Uy was present in the opening. He congratulated the performers and personally welcomed guests regardless of who you are.  I could see real estate companies and other private entrepreneurs supported the event by mounting booth for their businesses.

In terms of security, policemen and military were visible in all corners. The traffic flow was properly managed around the area. Even when the night covered the city, but spot and neon lights glowed the area creatively. Want to know more of Tagum? Click Here.