AMALAYER : Tips on how to be famous.

Posted on November 14, 2012


Kung AMALAYA lang ako – Paula Jamie Salvosa

That’s it.
That is the answer of your problem. Now you know that the key to be famous is not only beauty but mouth. Now, go to the nearest Sari Sari store and do what Baron Geisler taught you as a teenage boy. Grab the mic of the magic sing store and sing like a popstar while Ellen is waiting for you to guest in his/her show.

Or, here is the simplest form of the verb. Just SHOUT!

Don’t you ever forget to bring a cameraman. I suggest use a mobile camera. It is very effective trust me. Trust the ones who took Claudine Barreto’s fight at NAIA and the recently hailed trending queen Paula Salvosa at the LRT.

Of course, practice the slang konyo pronunciation to sound like you are smarter than the lady guard so she would praise you and drop her guns. “Yanow wa I mean.” High pitch and amplified voice is a must. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to get the attention of the public so that one of them will find time to upload your scenes.

Thirdly, have an active chwitar account. I mean TWITTER. With this, you have the window of the statistics of your eksena sa LRT. Don’t be primitive, sign up facebook account too.

Next, consult a Search Engine master. His is to find youtube uploads of your self. A video that was uploaded before your plan to be at the lime light.This will give an idea how cruel you were by watching every move of your skin while speaking. This makes your viewers irritated and get mad. With that effect, you succeed.

Leave the dirty works to the netizens, in an instant they will make you famous. Just do what I have said above. Follow Paula Jamie Salvosa’s tactics and prepare for the next chapter of your life.

Finally, if you really want a life-changing experience, here is the ultimate tip. Kill your bestfriend. Hired a rapists. If you wish to follow the steps of Althea Altamirano.

Good luck and promise, just trust me. AYMNATALAYER.

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