The Script of Janine Tugonon for the Man who can’t be Moved.

Posted on April 22, 2013



Kris to Jaypee: Masakit? Kung ako si Jaypee I would answer: Nung nangaliwa si James na mas bata sayo, masakit?
Kris is kriiiiiizzzyyy.

Janine Tugonon.

Siya nga. Siya nga representative ng mga pinay. Wag maging bitter. Aminin nating kapag nakakita ka ng foreigner, ma a-attract ka agad lalo na ang ating mga binibini sa Pinas. Sya nga. Si Janine na nga ang Miss Philippines possessing such character.

Syempre,if you are a beauty queen, you should be wit and eloquent. You should think faster and deliver a brief yet powerful answer when asked. Hindi nga tayo nag ka mali. Ang galing ng pagkasulat ng kanyang script. A script from her heart converted into words and aired over a national TV ” Honestly po kasi break talaga kami ngayon,” she told host Kris Aquino. She later reasoned that, “Kung sa ganito kababaw eh…na-attract ako kaagad paano pa kung kasal (na kami) ‘di ba? Mas maganda na ganito kaaga nakita ko na pu-pwede pala ako na ma-attract pa sa iba.”

Oh diba, pang miss universe ang sagot. Concise and logical. Yet, she did not consider the meat of this message and its impact to her, to bf Jaypee Santos and to the madlang facebooker and tweeters who describe her as insensitive and selfish. Tapos, naka akbay pa showing to the world that she is over Jaypee.

It was her script. They knew before shooting their tinola cooking session that Kris would surely ask about their status. A script of Janine that triggered opinions from the people of the world wide web. Janine would be the poorest writer if she is a scriptwriter. She does not know how to consider factors such as feelings may affect the plot of her story. She didn’t perceive Jaypee as a person but as a who-you- guy. A guy who will not surely can’t be moved after Janine put him in the hot seat.

The main character of Janine’s script- Danny O’Donoghue

bo bruce

Bo Bruce and Danny

She is his big fan. His next victim? or ff buddy? Does Janine know how to use google? If she is Danny’s big stupid fan, she would know how is her idol doing for the past weeks. Let me remind you readers that Danny and his years-long girlfriend have just separated. He is broken. Hollywood news reported that Danny has been busy not just promoting his music but dating women including a contestant ( Bo Bruce) of THE VOICE where he is one of the coaches. A coach who has been reprimanded by the producers to stop flirting the program’s contestant. He has been creating migraines in the production. Kayo na bahala mag google. hehe.

Does Janine ever read about Danny’s statement when asked about how is he feeling now that he is single? He said ” The girls in the street that would pass you by are the same girls stopping and going fanatical over you. And you get a real kick out of it. Do I kiss the girls? Of course I do. I’m a living, breathing man.”  Sana man lang marunong mag basa si beauty queen at ng malaman nya that she is just one of the girls Danny was referring to. Fanatical over him!

Danny added “It was like I was leaving half of myself behind. So being single for the past year has been really liberating — I’m definitely mingling” May magazine ba si Janine sa bahay nila?

That breaks even. Danny is now single and Janine has just declared she is single too. Breakeven!

Sya nga. Sya nga ang Miss Philippines na kumakatawan sa mga tangang pinay [hindi ko nilalahat ha, wag maging O.A] na halos itapon na ang mga pinggan at baso kapag nakakita ng gwapo na, foreyn-ger pa! Naalala ko tuloy ang yaya ko before. Nasa mall kami. Biglang sumigaw. Yun pala, may americano daw. Sa awa ng Dios, nakalimutan nya ang isang sapot ng grocery item sa cashier.

Jaypee Santos is deeply hurt but I know and I can feel that he is happy on the other part of his heart. He would feel that he has the Philippines to retaliate. He doesn’t need to make revenge if ever Danny succeeded to scratch Janine’s itch. The public will do the honor of striking her.

Here is another thing I want to inject here. Go to google. Search The Script lead vocalist. Look at his picture for at least 10 seconds. You will know the truth. Danny does not belong to the Gwapo Department. Look at his jaw and the entire formation of his face…is he gwapo? Sorry fans but please give me a break!

Isa lang din ang maipapayo ko sa ex-bf nya na si Jaypee, manood ka lang ng Showtime- “HANAAAaap!”

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