The Punisher and the Lover

Posted on July 12, 2013


white montero down

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Real gun, real characters, real blood,  unexpected twists, and the story is still going on.

Each day, the plot is getting even more interesting. How did the criminals successfully cross from the gates of hell to the place where life is, although, it turned out to be the abductors’ lives ending? Who are these unidentified characters of the story who funded the operation? Why is the killed kidnapper wearing a ring of honor from the controversial arm forces of the ‘Filipinas’?[ WTF? ]  How did the look outs and other kidnappers’ cars escaped and lost sight? Are the 911’s round-the-clock CCTV cameras not functioning? And the ultimate question, how will the officers explain the footage showing them shot the criminals inside the Montero car despite of placing the criminal’s hands on his head? Shot point-blank?All of these will be revealed in the next episode of White Montero Down reality movie.

Let’s meet the cast.

The Punisher. The criminal’s antagonist. Human Rights’ sore eyes. The city mayor who hates nicotine and methamphetamine hydrochloride. Cigarettes and the forbidden drugs. Smokers and killers.He is the ‘dabawenyos’ hard hitting father.Duterte.Rody.Digong. Whatever. All we know, he is the owl of the city who roams around the streets at dawn with his big bikes. Whose daughter, previous mayor, once punched the sheriff and became the poor people’s champ.

“I told you not to F___ it here in the city!” The kidnappers could have saved their lives if they are watching news on TV as to how Mayor Rody deals with the bad elements in his city. It would have been a successful kidnap-for-ransom if they did not underestimate their victim Sally Chua who tricked them. Well, the game is not yet finished. There are still fugitives hiding in the locked down city of Davao.

Mayor Rody Duterte has ordered a shoot-to-kill operation to the remaining goons. The punisher wants to meet them at the funeral parlors. Despite of the summary executions pointed to him, the people of Davao remain his followers who loved him even more when justice is served that fast. Yes, count me as one of the members of the Duterte’s Fans Club.

The Lover. Isn’t he? He has the not-so-old looks, the rocky body, and ahm..yes rocky as in ‘ Bato’. His closed friends called him Bato maybe because of his solid attitude towards his responsibility as the Davao City Police Director. Senior Superintendent Ronald Dela Rosa is according to some netizens, the Vin Diesel of  the city who kicks asses.

Bato is the punisher’s most trusted policeman. A former Constabulary officer who had surpassed several real-life danger scenes. One of the remarkable stories I have learned was his contribution in the success of neutralizing the plan of a malaysian terrorist last year in Davao. Dela Rosa was the one who courageously confronted the terrorist company, his wife, who carried the bag with an active bomb. To make this heroic story short, the terrorist escaped but later shot dead by Bato’s sniper. He is the only ‘Hepe’ I’ve known who joins the frontline.

The latest scene now is the kidnapping drama in Allied Bank Claveria Branch, Davao City. The victim Sally opted to pay ransom in Davao because she believed life is here. Somehow, having a mayor like Digong could save life. Psychologically, people think that there is one in the south who does his duties so well and because of that belief they entrusted the security of their lives to him.

” We passed EDSA and it was traffic but why no one rescued me?” says Chua. Do I need to say again the magic word? Hashtag Gates of Hell.

Inhuman Rights

The plot of the story would not be interesting if there is no ‘kontrabida’. Wait, why is the Human Rights Chairperson becomes the Gretchen Barretto of the show when she is just upholding the rights of the humans? Madam Etta Rosales, Davao has its own definition of human. For us, criminals are criminals. They are not human in the eyes of the majority because what they are doing is messing up other lives and ruining others rights. That’s very inhumane. We perceive them as devils instead of animals. Demons must be eradicated. Due process? F_____.

How is the Ampatuan Massacre case doing now? Anong petsa na? Witnesses are slowly vanished. Victims’ relatives are now feeling the hardness of the steel instead of sobbing. The table of hope is still waiting for the ordered justice to be served. The monsters are living like heaven in the prison while the entire clan is recharging to avenge the other camp. Due process?

Will the masses still believe that two words when the majority of the filipino people cannot even afford to hire a lawyer to protect them? Even lawyers do magic tactics to tweak the law itself. Even the law we are talking about is not properly introduced to everyone. Lawmakers become the lawbreakers. Due process?

For centuries, we tried ‘due process’ and the ball remains round. Mayor Rody is tired and he wanted it square. Criminals only have 4 corners of chances to live. The chairperson said Digong should stop issuing death threat for it causes fear among the residents of Davao. It’s the other way around madam. We feel secured. We feel LIFE to the fullest. Not everyone is pleased  but since Duterte is still in the highest post in the local government, I assume the majority feel the same as I am.

Years ago, Inday Sara took the mayor’s chair. There were several murder cases in her time such as the riding-in-tandem hold up and killing cases. The death of  nurse Marjorie Kwan who was shot dead by riding in tandem gunmen caused the residents panic and fear. The street was not that safe for dabawenyos. Inday Sara is a good leader but in terms of neutralizing the anxiety of each resident, her father knows best.

If only our policemen possess the ‘ bakal na krus’ and the pana ng karunungan’ just to kill these monsters in the society but we can’t do something about it but to trust and believe The Punisher and The Lover.

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