On Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Sex Video Scandal

Posted on August 4, 2013



In Hollywood, fading celebrities create a buzz in the showbiz scene  to remind the people that they are still existing and they have new movies coming. They intentionally flaunt their ‘stimulating’ V-shape sex organ to photographers as they go out from their limo.And,  I am almost convinced now that the meaning of ‘wardrobe malfunction’ has changed into an effective marketing tool.

In the Philippines, it is the other way around. If the Hollywood has wardrobe malfunction, our version is my-hard-disk-is-stolen-in-my-room story. Our irresponsible actors are real victims. They do not stage the act but gets fame or maybe flame after it spreads.

The Hayden-Katrina sex scandal story was a flame. It draws a lot of anger for both parties. The people get annoyed with the crying FHM model while Hayden becomes the sexiest man in the eyes of many girls who have seen how he rocks in the bed.

On the other angle, Maricar Reyes wild moves with Hayden made her famous. After that sex scandal became block buster, her career became block buster too. People accepted her and appreciated her for being smart enough in handling the issue. Now, with Richard Poon, even if our minds are still corrupted with the scandalous video of her, we know that she is in good hands now.

Would Chito Miranda’s new video destroy his career? Of course not, Parokya ni Edgar is a living history. A legend who keeps on rocking generation after generation. How about for the star circle quest graduate Neri Naig? Would it be a ‘Fame’ or ‘Flame’?It is all up to her.

This time, Neri should be responsible for her irresponsibility.

Allowing your boyfriend to record your best sex moves doesn’t make you sexy and definitely will put you on an extreme fire once published. So, don’t give the masses a frustrating face on TV interviews. Good thing Neri keeps silent about it. I wouldn’t be shocked if weeks from now Neri is on TV. MMK?Guest on Juan dela Cruz?Or in Husband’s Love? hehe.

This is another lesson to every proud celebrity couple. Don’t make SEX video as your basis of performance as if you will watch it later and evaluate it and do better next time. And please, stop blaming the hard disk.

I have watched the 17-minute video and yes believe me, it’s booooriiing.