A basta, i-abolish!

Posted on September 5, 2013



Truly, it’s difficult to argue with many anti-PDAF activists because they only wanted to say all the bad things about the program, but won’t bother to look at the other side. They are like spoiled brats who demand what they wanted; no ifs, no buts.

When you cite a problem, you also offer a solution. But for anti-PDAF activists, they want to recite the problems and won’t bother to talk about the solutions. Of course, it’s easy to complain. But when do we see people who would also offer to help?

Why is it that some anti-PDAF activists are side-stepping arguments that don’t favor them? I hardly see or hear an activist who responds to the arguments from the other side.

The possible answers could be rather simple: either they are not well-informed about all the issues involved; or, they don’t have the ability to understand the other side; or, they know they are wrong but don’t have the humility to accept it; or, all of the above.

Do you want an experience how it is to argue with spoiled brats, or with people who argue with horse blinders?

Two people are talking:

Hindi naman lahat ng mambabatas, nangurakot sa PDAF..

A basta, i-abolish!

Hindi ba dapat tanungin din ang COA, o kaya kasuhan, dahil nakalusot sila Napoles at di nila nakita ang pekeng NGO? Di ba dapat pagkatapos ay maghigpit na sa audit para di maulit ang ganoong kurakot?

A basta, i-abolish!

Papano na yung mga college scholar na umaasa sa PDAF? ‘Di ba wala namang kurakot sa scholarship program?

A basta, i-abolish!

Papano na yung mga lugar na malalayo at napapabayaan kung aalisin ang PDAF? E di dadami na naman rebelde?

A basta, i-abolish!

Pwede namang alisin ang kurakot maski may PDAF, di ba?

A basta, i-abolish!

Ver Bermudez / Mindanao Insider

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