5 Mistakes of Arnold Clavio on his interview with Atty Villamor

Posted on November 5, 2013


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Watch the Interview of Arnold Clavio with Atty Villamor.

The people of the Philippines are very much aware that this Janet Napoles has scammed this country. We have condemned her already together with the government officials who are linked to PDAF. By spirit, we know these crocs have stolen our wealth. But technically, Janet is still suspect and remain innocent until proven guilty. If the people roar in the street uncontrollably and if the netizens make fun out of it, I would understand. However, this isn’t an excuse to a media practitioner like Arnold Clavio to lambaste and make unethical comments while a live interview on

national TV is going on. May it be a defense counsel of the most hated person in the country – Janet Napoles, he should not be acting that way.

Arnold Clavio pissed off when his interview with Janet Napoles’ lawyer, Atty. Alfredo Villamor ended to an unorganized and awkward conversation as he, the interviewee lost the conversation. Lost. Because the interviewer lost him at the beginning of the talk with sarcasm, arrogance, and disrespectful screen presence.

Here are the 5 major mistakes he committed the way I see it.

1. Pork Barrel o Serious illegal Detention?

As he introduced Atty Villamor he said ” Makakausap po natin ang abogado ni Janet Napoles sa kasong Serious Illegal Detention “. Why on earth Arnold started the questioning as to when will Janet Napoles  show up in the Senate for PDAF scam hearing when Villamor has nothing to do with her on PDAF case? Kaka-introduce nga lang nya diba na abogado siya para sa Serious Illegal Detention Case LAMANG PO.

2. Pork Barrel o Serious illegal Detention Part 2?

Villamor answered ” My engagement is limited only to the Serious Illegal Detention Case “. Then, Arnold added the most stupidest follow up question I have heard from him ” So may ibang abogado ang hahawak sa kanyang kaso sa Pork Barrel”. Bang! Kaka-introduce nga lang nya diba na abogado siya ni Napoles para sa Serious Illegal Detention Case LAMANG PO. Wala nga syang paki sa PDAF na yan.

3. Pork Barrel o Serious illegal Detention Part 3 ?

The lawyer then cleared that somebody is in-charge with the PDAF just in case Arnold didn’t get what was he trying to say from the beginning of the conversation. I thought I have heard the stupidest follow-up question from him in the #2. This one is worst as Arnold threw another question ” Sa inyo po, ano pong kaso ang nirerepresinta nyo kay Janet Lim Napoles?” Kaka-introduce nga lang nya diba na abogado siya ni Napoles para sa Serious Illegal Detention Case. PAULIT ULIT?! 

4. Pork Barrel o Serious illegal Detention Part 4 ?

” Hindi po ba pagkakataon na maharap na itong si Benhur Luy sa Senado?” Arnold insisted again on Pork Barrel hearing in the Senate. The Serious Illegal Detention case is heard in Makati Regional Trial Court.When Arnold mentioned “Senate”, Villamor assumed that he was still referring to PDAF case answering ” Opo, pagkakataon po iyan pero, hindi po ako involved sa pagharap nya sa Senado or cases involving dun sa PDAF”. Kaka-introduce nga lang nya diba na abogado siya ni Napoles para sa Serious Illegal Detention Case LAMANG PO. PAULIT ULIT ?! 

5. When Arnold turned sarcastic. Still, Pork Barrel o Serious illegal Detention Part 5 ?

As this ‘Paulit ulit’ conversation went on, the radar of professionalism lost them two. Mr Clavio asked Villamor once again as to when will Janet appear in the court.  Of course, the lawyer, as a lawyer, as the lost interviewee, verified him if he was still referring to PDAF by saying ” Sa S.I.Detention Case po? ” Then, this supposed-calm-and-humble interviewer turned arrogant “Opo, yun yung kaso na hawak nyo, yun po ang kaso na hawak nyo diba?” Clavio backed it up.

Atty Villamor said he was sorry because he was really really lost in conversation  but he managed to say that his camp is still waiting for the schedule of the resolution for petition to bail as answer to Arnold’s first ever inquiry on Serious Illegal Detention ( Salamat naman) . Shockingly, I am sorry but I am  stand corrected again by my own judgement. The stupidest follow up question I have heard from him is not in the item #2 or #3.  Arnold asked Villamor another question to continue the interview that is  filled with sarcasm and senselessness ” SINO PALA DAPAT ANG KAUSAPIN NAMIN DITO?” Holy mother earth! Kaka-introduce nga lang nya diba na abogado siya ni Napoles para sa Serious Illegal Detention Case. PAULIT ULIT?! Edi siya! 

Paging Sarah Geronimo, your Paikot ikot ikot ikot new single must have been dedicated to this anchorman.


Anak, in this talk, you are the one who ruined our day. Hope your editor will rewind what you did and analyze. No…no..Don’t analyze. Just listen to it and you will know right there you sounded as if you were not awarded as the MOST OUTSTANDING MALE JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR by EdukCircle Awards. Is this the kind of behavior you want the broadcast students to become? To become unbecoming? Wagka na mag explain. I don’t LAB U.

You never asked Villamor about the Serious Illegal Detention Case. In the whole duration, you were speaking about PDAF? Definitely, the lawyer would clear himself from time to time that he has nothing to do with PDAF.


I paused the youtube bar and played it again. Patawa tawa ka pa dyan! Wow. Arnold is the BEST MALE BROADCAST JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR. Indeed. Poor Atty. Villamor.

The Anchorman once again asked the lawyer as conversation went on with tension ” Binago ko na nga po  kung ano ang schedule nya sa korte kaugnay sa illegal detention”. It seems that Arnold wasn’t listening after all. Villamor has already mentioned that they are just waiting for the schedule of the court.

Hindi pa siya nadala at nag follow up question na naman.” Pero yung pag pyansa po, ano pong latest doon?”. Holy Mother Nature God in Heaven Arnold Clavio! Atty Villamor has already expressed that the Napoles camp is waiting for the outcome of the resolution for Janet’s petition for bail. How many times should he reiterate it?  Nakakahilo ka!

Afterwards, Arnold ended it with a very tactless and an unethical statement ” WALA AKONG NAKUHA SA INYO”  Tsk. tsk.

As I was writing this article, my yaya changed the channel to CH11 with TONIGHT WITH ARNOLD CLAVIO on GMANewsTv . Fliptop rapper Loonie was his guest. They were singing Loonie’s TAO LANG.

Loonie: Pasensya na…
Arnold: (on 2nd Voice) Tao lang. 3x.

Yes he was right. Tao lang tayo. I would understand Jiggy Manicad’s popular report on TAE instead of TAO than what you did in your morning show. Again, ikaw ang SUMIRA SA ARAW NAMIN!

Bagkus, paninindigan nya daw ang pagiging unprofessional nya. Tweet from Ogie Diaz.

Oh well. The people of the Philippines are thinking mammals. Let me end this by re-posting this tweet.


P.S. The TULFO Brothers and Ka-Toning are way better than you AC!

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