An Open Letter to Yolanda Haiyan

Posted on November 14, 2013


Yolanda Haiyan

The Wrath of Yolanda in Tacloban City | Photo Dvo CIO


I know you are slowly weakening now but before you finally fade into the sky and become a single droplet, let me give you souvenirs that are worth remembering. Yes, you have succeeded. As you can see, islands in the central Visayas are greatly devastated by your 600 km (in diameter) white and extreme hazardous gown. Are you happy now? I am pretty sure you are bragging now with other typhoons that you have broken the record as the strongest bitch!

Yolanda Haiyan. If you have time, please accept these souvenirs of significant events happening now in the Philippines. I know these texts are too small for you to read aside from the fact that you only have one big ugly eye.

Here are the sorrowful effects and the bright side of your short and perilous jay-walking attempt over our country.

The Battle of the Churches

Faith. That is the strongest weapon every Filipino possesses. Sadly, it was disturbed. Because of you Yolanda, other people became selfish of their holy house of Christ ( if the report was true) while the other members of a certain giant religious group are losing their faith while seeing their cathedrals falling to the ground. You ignited a spiritual war on social network. With or without poseurs facebook and twitter accounts , people are exchanging now sharp words against one another justifying and defending their organization. Claiming righteousness is on their side. The peaceful relationship among these groups have been broken because you took the devils and selfishness out of some misguided and narrow-minded individuals.

God was also questioned. Where was he? If He controls everything and a compassionate God, why does he allow you, Yolanda Haiyan, to rule to mankind for a couple of hours killing His people? I don’t want to sound hypocrite, this question sometimes pops-up on my head the same with what Davao City mayor, Rody Duterte said, ” God must be somewhere else when Yolanda hit us and He forgot that he has planet called Earth” Blasphemous statement isn’t it? I don’t care. You caused our faith to Him to tremble temporarily. I know, religious leaders would just point out that this is just a TEST. Whatever it is, this is the worst test God ever facilitated.

If you were created by Whosoever to punish His people because of being worldly and not following any commandments,why include the children? The innocent angels living on earth? The loving and passionate teenagers? The religious families who kneel and worship every 3 o’clock in the afternoon? If I were your Creator, I would release a memo addressed to you for not following my order. I hope also that your Creator is not the one who created me.

I am no religion expert but I do read the Holy Book. Despite of these, I still believe on Him hoping to understand soon why such catastrophic happens. Others would say God is coming and the judgement has started. Tell me Yolanda! Is he coming really? Is He judging now? I beg to disagree. If so, how come the robbers and rapists have survived the storm surge caused by your winds Yolanda?

If you can just whisper it to me, please do. If only you can chat with me. I am desperate and slowly falling down as day passes by. Photos of your victims and survival stories make me sick. Make me insane talking to a supertyphoon.

The Zombieland


Unattended dead bodies in the street of Tacloban Photo: DVO CIO

Seeing weary and hungry people running after Red Cross’ relief efforts uncontrollably, looting grocery stores and malls, competing airdropped goods, and killing each other to survive in the land where every rice crop is important, you remind me a lot of zombie movies.

At night, when there is no electricity, robbers and opportunists take advantage while others are guarding there goods. At night, when the children have to sacrifice sleeping with an empty stomach, their parents cry in silence and have to stay strong for their offspring . At night, when the temperature drops and the entire Leyte is covered with desperation and helplessness, dead bodies are rotting  in the streets and bridges. The painful part, those cold unattended dead creatures are decomposing beside their own families who survived your 250 kph wind gusts.

Everyday is a desperate day. Others would wish not to wake up anymore to avoid seeing realities. Life was not fair at all. Some old men and women died while waiting for the aid. 6 days of battling the hunger to cheat death. Others didn’t make it to the finish line. Their sugar level have surrendered.

The street and the ghost town look like the set on The Walking Dead. This is the episode when real people become the characters of a real life scenario. An episode in the Philippine history that brings all the eyes in the world to the pearl of the orient where pearls are being corrupted.


The strongest and fastest wins. A pilot decided to off load the remaining sacks of goods along the shore of Tacloban.

The Government, The Showbiz and The Thieves.

Where are the richest filipinos who pose glamorously on FORBES richest people? Where is kuya Wil? Where is Manny Villar? How are you Pacman? Never heard of these giants since day 1. How about you Yolanda, did you cover the eyes and ears of these rich people for them not to see and hear the howling people? You bitch!

I can see how our President tries to control the scenario with Mar Roxas on his side. Sadly, he failed to anticipate some important details that may rise when YOU hit us. He said on national TV a day before You swiped us all.

“…Nakastandby na rin po ang 32 eroplano at helicopter ng ating Air Force, nakaposition na po ang 20 na barko mula sa ating Philippine Navy sa Cebu, Bicol, Cavite, at Zamboanga. Ang mga relief goods ay naka pre-position na rin sa karamihan ng mga apektado o maaring maapektuhang lalawigan… umasa po kayong darating agad ang tulong pag hupa ng bagyo….”

Did you sabotage these things our president was telling? Ha, Yolanda? How come these 32 airplanes, air forces, 20 ships and relief goods didn’t show up on day 1? Mar Roxas said, they did not expect that the LGU personnel from health to security , who supposedly the first one to respond for aid,  will be badly affected. Really? They didn’t expect that to happen with you, as the strongest typhoon to hit on earth? Are these LGU personnel authorized to command the 32 air planes and 20 ships from Phil Navy of Cebu, Bicol, Cavite and Zambo to come a day after of this catastrophic event? I am sad that Pnoy sounded stupid here and not the victims. Did you get me Yolanda?

The thieves are laughing now. Since the Zamboanga siege, Bohol earthquake and now you came Yolanda, Tanda is praising the nature now for disturbing the investigation of the PDAF scam issue. Janet Napoles has now more than enough time to think for game plans after she invoked her fucking rights from self incrimination. And yes, the amazing kaps still hosting his cheap program on TV. Are you amazed of his segments on TV Yolanda? Can you visit him on his office please.

The aid is coming to Leyte. Sign of hope.

The aid is coming to Leyte. Sign of hope.

The Bright Side                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bright side? Yes, we are good at it. Looking the bright side of everything. Envy to be human? Go ahead and I will kill you. Do you really think you have succeeded to vanish all the things in your way? Hey, things are coming on our way.

Donations around the globe and counting

Donations around the globe and counting

The World War III

Yes, this is war. The battle against hunger and despair. Different countries around the globe are heading towards us to aid. This manifests that there is indeed a so-called united nations. Because of you, Yolanda, we Filipinos believe that we have all the strongest allies when crisis comes.

The flooding of cash pledges and donations give us hope that this too shall pass. War ships and hospital ship are heading towards us to heal every wound You caused us Yolanda. Australia, Japan, South Korea, America, UAE , Russia, among others are helping the central visayas to stand again. At the end of the day, the bayanihan spirit is not just for filipinos. The world loves us as much as they hate our corrupt government.

Because of you Yolanda, we have learned that the Philippine country cannot withstand such crisis despite of the billions of money allocated for risk reduction, emergency response, peace and order and health. These vital components were seen weak and insufficient despite of boosting the country’s economy standing in the World Market. Frustrating. It takes only Anderson Cooper to tremble the knees of these leaders to fast track the relief goods. Now the world knows how pathetic the system we are following. Now the world learns how to defeat us when real world war comes.

Are you still there Yolanda? Are you paying attention? I am almost done with my letter. Hold on.

Don’t you know Yolanda that you are the brightest shining icon in the universe? The CNN,BBC, and other international news agencies are talking about you since you were born. Every eye was on you. Your track. Your speed. Your identity. Other people think that you are triggered by a microwave pulse. How weird is that? Is HAARP for real? Or, these geeckos are just too passionate with their obsession on codes, formulas and sophisticated warheads seen on video games?

 Are you weakening now? Wait, before you become a droplet let me say this… FUCK YOU!

Sincerely mad,

Albert Egot Jr
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