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Posted on January 22, 2014



When Mr.Pogi Ramon Bong Revilla Jr started to appear in the senate to host his newest show live on national TV, I could not hold my excitement and so I raised my TV’s volume to 30 bars to listen his amazing stories. A speech to defend the Revilla’s honor that made him even more corrupt-looking official in the Republic of the Philippines.

This time, everything is real. His background is no chroma key. Real people. The crying dad, the supportive wifey and his co-senator judges who are playing dead. Here are the Kap’s amazing stories Boy Drama revealed during his privilege speech. Action!


He opened his speech by saying ” Utang ko sa kulang kulang na 16 million ka taong bumuto sa akin noong 2004 at 20 million noong 2010 na marinig aking sagot” and I was feeling so guilty then because I am one of the 20 million stupid voters who trusted him and believed that ‘Panday’ could make difference in the country’s hopeless government. I was fucked up by his Agimat together with the 20 million frustrated fans. Kim Chiu would ask ” Isn’t it amazing?”


If Panday believes that his scriptwriter has successfully convinced the people and gained back the trust of the public after delivering a divert-like-what-Jinggoy-does speech, he is doomed. The move made some citizens to dig up more about the Revillas.

The Security Exchange Commission documents show the senator’s eldest son Leonard Bryan Bautista co-owns a business with Janet Napoles son James Napoles called PB & J Corp. It was incorporated 6 months after Sen Bong was re-elected as senator and his wife Lani Mercado was elected congresswoman of Cavite’s first district. See SEC Docs


Bong is indeed a product in the showbusiness. He knows how to put emotion in the scene. His father, an ex-senator, Ramon Revilla Sr. watched him talked with tears flowing. Paralyzed. Aging.

Mr Pogi might thought that if he combines his 20 million voters plus his dad’s followers, he would then reach wider audience to sympathize with him. I am saddened because this supposedly respected senator has exposed his father into another spot light.

A short camera pan to the crying Don Ramon led the viewers to think back about the lifestyle of this actor-became-senator-now-aging Revilla had. He is a father of 81 children from 16 women. How then could an employee of the government having P35,000 monthly salary supported his huge family circle and managed to give them a good life? Again, 81 children from 16 women (according to Phil Star Entertainment editor Ricky Lo). Whistleblower Benhur Luy has something to say about that. It looks like the father has been linked to the Napoles since day 1. Abangan.


In his almost an hour speech, I was waiting for this as to how will he defend this photo and what’s another amazing story behind this smile-filled photo of him with Pork Barrel Scam Queen Janet Napoles. I heard nothing but purely blaming and trying to divert the public’s focus to an even more chaotic scenario which unknowingly boomerangs to his sad face.


He then exposed that DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, the Boy Pick-up, drove him to Bahay Pangarap for a breakfast meeting with the President Aquino. He said that the President tried to influence him to impeach Gloria Arroyo’s ally Chief Justice Corona. According to him, the President could not bribe him by telling PNOY “Gagawin ko kung ano ang tama”. With that particular line, he sounded like no one can tell him what to do because he seemingly knows what is right provided that he is not a political ally of the President.

If Bong Revilla Jr is one of the dedicated senators with the cleanest ass in the house that could not be bribed or influenced by a liberal leader like PNOY, why the hell he voted YES to impeach Corona? Kung hindi ka rin tanga. Nag iisip din po kami mahal na Boy Tanga!Is it because of the 50 million additional pork barrel also known as DAP granted by the President? Bakit ngayon mo pa sinabi? Damay damay nalang? How can we forget that mandaramBONG!

Now Kim Chiu would again ask ” Isn’t it Amaziiiing?” ( Bride for Rent fav line )

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