The Bong Panes Story:Bong Revilla’s Journey to Jail

Posted on June 22, 2014


The mugshot of smiling Bong Revilla

People of the Philippines, now that Senator Bong Revilla is in jail, let’s give him an assignment. Let us offer him 200 million loombands. Baka maaliw pa ang mga netizens sa kanya at patawarin sya ng bayan. Bong Panes! See? That is how showbiz works inside the government’s den. Full of drama. Kompletos rekados. Comedy. Drama. Action. Extras and crews.

This Kap’s amazing story of how he won the senatorial post has something to do with his past acting career. People loved him because he was their hero as what they had seen in his movies. Now that he is going to a real jail, Kap still believes that he can still win the hearts of his 20 million voters to gather in EDSA or to make noise outside Sandigan. Sadly, the majority wants to take him down.

The Lord is in his side, according to what he wore as he attended mass before going to the detention cell. He was right. His Lord never left him. Until now, he still insists that he is innocent. The God I know taught His people not to STEAL and encourage each of us to accept failures and repent. The Lord Bong knows is the one who tolerates him. An evil lord who consumed his mind and soul directing him to abuse the level of popularity he enjoys before. Artista – See more at:

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