Kabataan in Congress

Posted on April 17, 2007


                                                                        Kabataan Partylist is the way of the kabataan leaders who would like to be with the lawmakers whose interest is to stand as voice of the nations’ youth. Like Raymon Palatino, who is the person of many rallies and activities protecting the rights of the youth and now nominated as KP representative, will be having a big opportunity to make laws that would beneficial to the youth.

        Kabataan really makes difference in today’s era. They are now more active in terms of implementing their rights in a way that they are acting as affected with political and economical issues. However, there is a question that some are not certain about youth participation. It is because most viewers think that the students and youth shouting in the road to oust GMA or in other rallies are youth that are being paid by other opposition politicians. If that so, there aim will be put in futile. But as far as I observed they are seemingly starved dragons for justice and really concern with their rights as the next leaders of the next generation.

      Just a suggestion to KP, hope that KP will give chance to the youth who are studying in the low class school mostly public schools because I can only see people who are belong to an elite school like UP Diliman etc. It is great to have like that leaders but I think it would be better to have collective style of ideas from public schools. We just don’t know they are more brighter than thou! (Alberto Egot, Jr./Rebel News)

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